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Free Local Business Advertising.

In only 5 easy steps.

1. Navigate to your local community.
Look for a link “Free Local Business Advertising in 5 easy steps” on left, under business categories then click. This will bring you back to this page with a new Business Id.

OR to Edit your Ad.
Click here, then enter your business ID and Password. click "Preview-Edit Business Listing". This will prefill all fields for you to edit.

2. Carefully read instructions and our policy and guidelines.
All business ads will post and go live within 1 hour. We will review your Ad within 1 hour. You may edit your ad any time. You agree that Neal Communications has the right to change, modify, delete, change position of ads displayed at any time and with out notice.

Nealcomm.com Policy is to only accept local businesses that have a physical location in the United States. Although you are not required to publish your business address, your business is required to be a legal business and have a physical location in a local community of the United States. This can be any office, home office or commercial building.

The following Businesses and or Web Sites that will not be accepted: Any businesses or sites that are associated with or linked to Illegal Drugs, Guns, Gambling and or any porn, affiliate networks or any business or site that would not be accepted into other advertising networks, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. See also Nealcomm.com Privacy Statement

3. Fill in form then Preview Business Listing.
Business ID: If you clicked a link “Create Business Account” then the Business ID field already has an ID number. Please don’t delete, change or modify this field.

If you clicked a link “Edit Business Accounts” or landed on this page any other way then this field is blank. “Edit Mode for Existing Account”. Enter Your Business ID and Password then click prevue. This will pre fill in all fields.

Password: Required. Enter a password from 6 to 15 letters and numbers only. No special characters.

Business Name: Required. Use your legal business name or trade name.

Business Description: Required. Enter a good description of your business. Maximum number of characters allowed is 200. Use as much as possible.

Business Address: Optional. Enter your business address or leave blank.

Community, State Zip Code: Optional. Enter Community, State Zip Code.

Business Phone: Optional. You can enter up to 3 Phone numbers.

Business Website URL: Optional. Enter your business Web Site URL.

Business Email: Optional. Enter your business Email Address.

Select Business Category: Required. Select only 1 business category. Pick the category that best matches your business.

Business ID:

Enter Business ID
to edit your Ad..


Enter from 6 to 15 letters
and number only.

Business Name:

Example: Neal Communications

Business Description:

Example: Going Local with nealcomm.com. Go to your local State, County, Community and Zip code and find Local Maps, News, Weather, and Facts. See local Travel and Tourism information and local Businesses in your area.

Business Address:

Example: 38 Highland Dr., Apt-Suite optional

Community, State ZipCode:

Example: Barnegat, NJ 08005

Business Phone:

Example: 609-713-7892, 123-456-7892

Business Website URL:

Example: http://nealcomm.com

Business Email:

Example: webmaster@nealcomm.com

Select Business Category:
Real Estate
Hotels Motels Lodging
Bed Breakfasts
Bars Clubs
Mortgage Banking
Attorneys At Law
Medical Dental
Antiques Collectibles
Weddings Catering
Photography Artists
Home Improvement
Computers Internet
Shopping Retail
Pets Animals

Always click Preview-Edit Business Listing
after making any changes. Your ad will
be displayed below. Then click
Create-Update Business Listing

This is what your ad will look like.

Please remember that your ad will take up to 1 hour to go live.
After we review your ad, it will appear on the page you reguested.
4. Create-Update Business Listing:
After you are satisfied with your ad and have already clicked Preview-Edit Business Listing then click Create-Update Business Listing

5. Upload an image for your ad.
You will see a form on the right, to upload an image after you have already created an account. First, create an image that is 90pixels by 90pixels and is no larger then 25kb. Image type must be .jpg or .gif or .png. Second, Enter your Business Id and Password the click browse. Find the image file on your computer and select. Then Click Upload Image File Now.

Your Business ID is:

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